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Seriously, do you have a few minutes or a few hours to spend? 

Do you have some thoughts or ideas to share? 

What do you think about while you're weeding the garden, 

doing the dishes, or driving to work? 

What do you talk about around the dinner table? 

Do you love to take photos or write memoirs, tell your children and 

 grandchildren of the good old times? 

So, join us!

QHS regularly presents interesting and informative programs 

- two upcoming are an historical bus tour of the area on September 12, 

and a program, on November 5, by historian, gun expert and author 

Nick Chandler on guns manufactured in Hardwick, MA.


Additionally, schools and libraries are provided outreach programs 

from Old Sturbridge Village at no cost. Special programs are offered at 

holiday times, and often extemporaneously for no reason at all. 

Signs for Quaboag Plantation are maintained, as is the museum, 

where exhibits are changed, photos and documents framed, and files 

are available for research when possible. We wish we could be open on 

more days, more hours. Additionally, the society promotes an interest 

in Quaboag Plantation's beginning and continuing existence.


The museum is open monthly (First Saturday) and always by 

appointment. Reference materials are available, artifacts are on display,

 and attendance and participation are welcomed.

Each April, at the society's annual luncheon meeting, three awards are 

given; the recipients are chosen by the board from nomination letters 

from the public. Each of them is selected for their volunteer service to 

their communities according to the famous words of Lucy Stone 

"Make the world a better place". The Lucy Stone award is presented to 

a resident of a Quaboag area town, as is the outstanding service award.

The J. Irving and Jane England award is presented to a resident of 

West Brookfield.

Indeed, our society is fortunate to have the continuing support of the 

England fund, which was instrumental in the purchase of the museum 

building, and allows us to provide programs and also to work in concert 

with and offer support to other committees and organizations in the 

area – libraries, historical organizations and events, schools and such. 

All other funding comes from museum memberships and donations.

Although the present committee is pleased to provide these benefits, 

always free and open to the public, what is hoped for - okay, NEEDED 

- is representation and participation from more people! 

Young people, old people, school kids, business people. People with 

cameras and a nose for new old stories to tell. Lively, interested, 

interesting people who care about our heritage and how it will be 

passed on to future generations. One new person with a fresh 

viewpoint and a great idea might spark another's interest. And so on.


Think about it - think about young Tyler Nickerson of North Brookfield, 

who created videos of his town's beginnings. His grandparents 

encouraged him to expand upon a school assignment, and that's all 

it took for a youngster who loved his town.

It is our hope that everyone who reads this will pause to consider who 

might be a willing and active member, who might have a great idea, 

who has a story to tell and a talent to share.

Contact the Quaboag Historical Society, 

PO Box 635, West Brookfield, MA 01585, 

or Amy Dugas, 508-867-5428  508-867-5428.