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All about the Quaboag Historical Society - we're 120 years old!

By Ruth M. Lyon

The Quaboag Historical Society was begun in 1895, by a group of residents of the original Quaboag area who saw the need for preservation of its history and artifacts. Some of the original towns - North and West Brookfield, Brookfield, Warren and New Braintree (East Brookfield had not yet separated from Brookfield) - had historical societies and even museums. Still, residents of each town met, discussed, and agreed to form a society representational of the history of the "Old Quaboag District". The artifacts and papers of that brand new Quaboag Historical Society found a home in the upper room of the West Brookfield library, so voted by town meeting action on April 1, 1895.

The group followed local historical tradition over the next three decades; regular meetings held, programs planned and presented with featured speakers and activities. By 1930, though, interest had waned; the materials and artifacts from our historic early times were relegated to a corner of the room, and little or no action by the society took place for years.

That changed when, in anticipation of the Quaboag Plantation's 300th celebration in 1960, Dr. Louis E. Roy became chairman of the organization and named a committee to identify and label the contents of that pile in the corner, with an eye to reopening the museum in the library.

Mover and shaker that he was, his mission was accomplished: the museum opened on February 1, 1961. Miss Anna O'Day, committee chairman, announced that in the future the museum would be open to the public on the first Wednesday of the month, from two to five.

During the ensuing years, the museum languished at times, with spurts of activity and then of disinterest. However, the venerable institution eventually found its own home in West Brookfield's old train station, and strong leadership.

The Society board meets monthly, publishes a newsletter, and works to maintain interest in the Society and the Museum. Additionally, it promotes an interest in Quaboag Plantation's beginning and continuing existence. The museum is open monthly (first Saturday) and always by appointment. Reference materials are available, artifacts are on display, and attendance and participation are welcomed.